Stax headphone amps

How do they sound? Do they sound better than traditional dynamic or planar headphones? These were the two questions that are always in my mind. Released init is the second Lambda ever produced.

The first Lambda was launched in and had normal-bias plugs Vwhereas all the other Lambdas were designed with pro-bias cable V. Like any electrostatic headphones, they need a dedicated amplifier for it to power it efficiently. Although the design of the Lambda Pro looks dated They were designed 40 years ago. Most people, nowadays, will find them ugly or at least odd-looking but I am certain Stax fans will share my appreciation of its aesthetic.

Plastic is used for every part of the headphones except the ear pads which are made of vinyl leatherthe driver assembly and housing. The headband has a cloth suspension strap that rests on the top of the head and helps for better weight distribution.

stax headphone amps

The articulation pivot between the ear cups and the headband seems a bit fragile. The ear cups can swivel and rotate in any direction.

This is impressive for a product that has been discontinued for almost 30 years ago. The Lambda Pro uses a 2 m long ribbon cable that is very thick and non-detachable like any other pair of Stax headphones. Overall, the Lambda Pro feels durable and it shows from their age. Despite been manufactured almost 3 decades ago, it still works perfectly, without any functional issue.

It is the core structure from which electrostatic headphones produce sounds. The driver enclosure of these Stax hosts a 1.

Any strong pressure on the inside of the cup could damage them.

Amplifiers for electrostatic headphones

It is totally impossible to repair a damaged electrostatic drivereven dust particles can harm them causing rattle and noise on the damaged channel.

Hence, Stax sells a dust cover to protect the headphones. The Lambda Pro is definitely more comfortable than the average headphone. Thanks to their large velour earpads, these circumaural over-ear cans are pleasing to wear. The pleather ear pads are barely deep enough for my ears. They seem thicker than the recent Lambda models judging from online pics so I would be a bit concerned about the comfort of an L or SR With the internal foam protecting the driver deteriorated, it is not the best feeling to have your ears touching the inside.

I can wear them for two hours before it starts to get annoying. I need to take them off, partly due to my ears getting hot with the synthetic leather. Clamping force is extremely weak. If I move my head down, they could easily fall off.

My guess is that the clamping force must have weakened with age. I had to reduce the headband adjustment to the absolute minimum to be able to wear them with a proper fit. This was definitely surprising to me. It weighs g without the cable, thus, there is no weight issue. However, the cable weighs around g. I had to put it on my knees to lessen the annoyance of its weight.

I have read for hours about the Stax house sound and with time, I developed a rich and precise idea of how they would sound in my mind, without ever listening to them.

And they actually sound exactly like how I imagined it to be. It has a balanced presentation with some brightness and impressive speed. The bass is tight, very clean and accurate.Introduction Hearing the SR and seeing all the high-end e-stat amps at RMAF in October gave me the idea that it would be fun to do comparative listening session for a holiday season post. For most here and that includes me this stuff is pretty much unobtanium, so I thought a dreamy little vicarious listening session through my words here might fit in nicely with all the other sugar plum fantasies we get to experience this time of year.

My Christmas present to you lucky few who might actually be thinking of getting some SR headphones is just a taste of what you may hear, and a simple starting point for your personal journey into audio ecstasy. Lucky bastards! I also had to figure out what I was going to use as a source, and how to set-up all the equipment in the space available.

Physically, that's a lot of big amplifiers, and just getting the signal around to all the amps would be a bit tricky. After playing around with this DAC for a little while now, I can heartily echo his sentiments. The last little bit was getting my hands on some 10 foot balanced and unbalanced interconnects to reach all the amps spread out on my demo room counter. Now, I'm not a cable fanatic, but I do hear subtle differences between cables.

A ten foot run of poor cable could certainly color the listening tests. All you objectivists out there can just put you fingers in your ears and go "la la la la la" for this paragraph, okay?

I've always liked Cardas cables in situations like this. Their cables, it seems to me, always deliver a nice, smooth sound. As most readers know by now, I like things on the smooth side, and I was worried that the speedy nature of the SR headphone might grate on my nerves for the listening tests.

I gave my contact at Cardas a call, and asked for ten feet each of the best balanced and unbalanced interconnects they had Two days later I received the long balanced and unbalanced top-of-the-line Cardas Clear interconnects. These had better be good Merry Christmas to me! Listening Tests With everything set-up, it's time for the listening tests to begin.

Evaluating and describing the differences between headphones is much easier than doing the same for amplifiers. Headphone enthusiasts have long argued whether the source or the headphones are the most important link in the audio reproduction chain, but there's pretty universal agreement that the amp is least important. A decent amp is a decent amp, to a first approximation, and all the amps in this test are quite competent at doing the fundamental job of being a wire with gain.

For the first day of listening tests I decided to simply relax, be non-judgemental, and run my basic test tracks find information on these tracks here through each amp listening with the SR First time through my impression was that the amps all sound fairly similar, with one glaring outlier. But first listen is far too early for snap judgements, and I made a second listening round of the amps.

This time differences started to become apparent to me when changing from amp to amp, but again, I resisted coming to any conclusions. Rather than endlessly looping through the entire range of amps, I now began to switch back and forth between two amps listening to differences on a particular track. Once I got familiar with the changes, I would switch one of the amps out and repeat.Discontinued NO. Inventory 4. Construct 0.

stax headphone amps

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STAX SRM-007tII Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

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Log in. Latest Thread Images. Why are STAX headphones unwanted? Home Forums Equipment Forums Headphones full-size. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter daniel Start date Oct 15, Tags stax-srelectrostatic-headphones stax. Post 1 of Joined Jun 3, Messages Reaction score Joined Jun 3, Posts Likes I noticed that STAX headphones are generally considered the best, but then why don't people get them?

Is it something to do with them being electrostats?A pure balance DC amplifier configuration is used for the large current emitter follower Class A output stage. A significant increase in dynamic range especially in the upper frequency has been achieved. A high level of sound purity is achieved through the simple two-stage amplification circuit with low-noise FET input stage. No-feedback sounds like a good idea, but it doesn't seem to pan out well with this amp, which sounded flat, blurred, and boring relative to the rest of the amps auditioned.

The low notes are particularly uncontrolled sounding, adding a thick woolliness and subtracting any articulate texture present. The mids are somewhat uninspiring and disjointed, topped off with a slightly shouty upper-mid, low-treble hype. The highest octaves are somewhat rolled-off. One of the folks I contacted mentioned this amp can be modified to sound quite a bit better, but in its stock form it was clearly the poorest performer of the bunch.

A couple of my friends mentioned this was a nicely designed amp, but that the 6CG7 tubes just really can't swing the needed voltage for electrostatic headphones. I liked the sound of this amp quite a bit. A sweet and delicate presentation. The bass isn't terribly tight, but it's well proportioned. The mids and treble are lush with a slight warm tilt and slightly rolled-off upper treble. There also seems to be a slight glare in the mid treble that more often than not is heard as a bit of treble sparkle, which is nice as it balances out the slight roll-off of the upper-treble.

The problem with this amp is all that goodness goes out the window when turned up to stronger listening levels. The bass doesn't seem to get louder, just woollier, and the mids start to get shouty. But the worst thing is that the somewhat innocuous treble sparkle quickly grew through glare and on into what sounds like significant distortion to me. After auditioning the above two amps I came to the conclusion that finding an amp for the world's best headphone is a rich man's game.

If you're going to get a pair of Stax SR headphones, you need to be prepared to spend big bux on the amp as well. I have Submitted by timmyw on December 25, - pm Thanks for this Tyll. I have always been curious about these. I have never tried them though despite having the opportunity to do so.

I just know deep down that I would be disappointed in them on some level, always trying to nit pick something or other. Your impressions certainly do nothing but buffer that opinion. Perhaps I will grow a pair at the next meet I go to and try and get some decent time with these.Here is a rundown of any products I have in stock at any given time.

Feel free to contact me at spritzer mjolnir-audio. Email gets lost all the time, it is flagged as spam or something like that. Now the Megatron V2 is finally ready after a lot of delays. This is the best all tube electrostatic amplifier we have ever designed and it is also a nice space heater as all those tubes do generate a lot of heat. At its core this amp has just two capacitors in the signal path I used hand matched Mundorf caps and the signal only sees tubes.

This makes the amp rather complicated to build as the current source tubes are effectively floating on top of the output tubes electronically. This means great care has to be taken with wiring and parts selection to reach optimal performance. The volume control used in these is a new version of the custom volume control I use in my other amps. The Megatron V2 is an improvement over the regular version we released for DIY use in a number of ways.

Better signal integrity and better parts as well are used through out. The amp can be switched between V and V and will ship with a full compliment of JJ tubes.

The amp can be tube rolled with no adjustment necessary but this really depends on great quality tubes with well matched sections. Sadly that is not often the case with the NOS stuff so I always use new production tubes. The amp also includes two umbilical cables which are required to pass the power from the power supply to the amplifier section. They are quite long so the two boxes can be spaced apart which is what I recommend doing.

As it is pictured above can be done but the rather huge mains transformer can introduce hum into the audio path. Otherwise the amps are the same as they have been for the last year or so. Same upgraded power supply, Performance wise this is exactly the same as the RK50 version but at a lower price.Staying in the present moment can dramatically reduce stress, increase your happiness, and give you bursts of insight that might change your life.

You and I, we both have our unique tendencies that distract us from the present moment. These questions will help you become more mindful about what is going on in your head, which in turn leads to mindfulness. A great tip is to write down your tendencies and how they tease you out of the now.

stax headphone amps

Grab a piece of pen and paper, and just do it. Practice acceptance and embrace who you are. The tendencies you have are there for a reason. They are signposts pointing to the areas of your life that need attention. Become mindful, observe your thoughts, and breathe. Our thoughts are just thoughts. Your breath is a powerful and simple way to anchor yourself in the present moment. Whenever you are having a hard time staying in the now, take deep breaths, and focus on your breathing. You could even count your breaths.

Something I like to do is count to four on the inhale and four on the exhale.

Review: Stax SR-Lambda Pro (Vintage Electrostatic Headphones)

It focuses the logical part of my brain on counting and allows me to focus on my breath. After a while I can release the crutch of counting and just be. In fact, they are rarely right, especially if they make you feel bad. Question your thoughts constantly. When you start to feel negative emotions, use it as a reminder to examine what thoughts are causing the commotion. Most people walk around all day letting negative thoughts cause negative feelings. We both know that nothing good can come out of this.

It takes discipline to be mindful, but the rewards are peace and happiness. Even researchers are discovering the power of emotions. Negative emotions not only have the power to make you feel bad, but can affect your physical health as well. Another great way to stay anchored in the now is to use reminders. It can be as simple as tying a white string around your wrist. Each time you look at the white string, you are reminded of the present moment.

Are you in the now, or are you somewhere else. There are no limits to what you can use as a reminder. If you want to take this even further, you can add a new reminder each week. Start using external reminders such as red cars, billboards, and so on. If you keep doing this, you will be astonished at the results. Increasing the time you spend in the present moment can be a lot of work. There will be times when you feel like you want to throw in the towel.

You will face challenges, obstacles, and problems. I have noticed that the more I follow my passion and my hearts deepest desire, the more I am able to stay in the now. My heart buzzes with joy and I feel amazing.

Writing is one of my passions.


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